Workout Wear Wednesday

Health fitness exercise workout running

Yes, I have been waiting until Wednesday to post this – I really like cheesy alliterations.

Monday I posted about getting back into fitness and having a routine that works for you and getting excited about it! Well today, I’m sharing some of my favorite gear.

Runners this post is especially for you! I’ve run several half marathons and 2 marathons, and over the years I’ve tried SO. MANY. products. Non-runners, a lot of these things will work for you as well!

Health fitness exercise workout running

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These are my must haves, and you can shop them at the links in the caption!

The foam roller is essential for those sore muscles. You can stretch and take all the Advil in the world but this little thing actually works out the soreness. Even after my longest runs, I was walking around with ease the next day after using this! It’s not just for running workouts. We all know that post-leg day feeling where you don’t even want to move again, this has gotten me through many of those!

I mentioned in my last post the importance of good shoes, these are my favorites. These provide a bit of stability for us flat-footed girls without feeling too clunky like a normal stability shoe. I’m a huge fan of Saucony’s, it’s all I wear for running or at the gym, or anywhere really.

For stashing gear I love this belt and the North Face bra. For running I, sometimes, use both. This belt is perfect for carrying a phone, keys, gels, chapstick, etc. If you’re uncomfortable with stashing your phone in the bra or the bra just doesn’t work for you, get. this. belt! Armbands are clunky, collect sweat and are impossible to deal with on arm day.

Most gyms don’t offer towels anymore (boo!) so I started having to bring own. I use to just bring a dish towel, yes I brought a dish towel, with me. After a few months of carting around a cupcake printed towel, I found these microfiber towels. These are amazing. You wet them, wring them out and they stay cool while being dry to the touch. I have no idea how they do this but I love it. Especially great for hot yoga classes!

If you’re like me and you go to the gym after work, these wipes are necessary for your gym bag. I usually end up wiping about half my face off and onto my towel, inevitably ruining it.

What are your gym bag must haves? I usually stuff way way more than this into my bag, but these things I can’t go without!




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