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Since college, healthy living has been hard. Like real. real. real. hard y’all! I definitely wouldn’t have associated college with the healthiest time of my life if you had asked me even during college. Between walking a few miles everyday to class, not having enough money to eat Chipotle everyday and the incredibly large, free gym 5 minutes from my apartment it was almost EASY to be healthy.

Lately I’ve been doing my worst at being healthy. I am definitely starting to feel it. I used to workout several times a week, training for a marathon and keeping my fitness up in the off season (AKA when it’s 110 outside here in Texas).

Of course every fitness plan needs cute new gear (totally necessary), here are some of my favorites and how I’m getting back to tip-top shape.

Getting in a good workout is all about being comfortable!

I am obsessed with this North Face bra, I have at least 4 or 5 of these. I hate armbands, especially in the summer when they stick to you and feel even more bulky. This bra eliminates the need for one, my phone fits perfectly and in the front pouch and I don’t have to worry about sweat getting into my phone (yes, this has happened before!).

Also a necessity, breezy clothing. Summer here in Texas (and all other southern states) it gets hot! Even if you’re in an air-conditioned gym, it is still incredibly hot outside. I love these shorts for everything from running outside to spin class to hot yoga. They’re incredibly breezy and stretchy. I’m also in love with the little zipper pocket on the side, perfect for a key or gel (or any mid-workout fuel). Breezy shirts are also a must, this tank feels like I’m not even wearing a shirt! I love the material and the keyhole, open-back design.

Lastly, shoes. Especially, if you’re a runner, good shoes are so so so important. I once sustained a pretty painful foot injury not having supportive enough shoes. For runners, I highly recommend going to a running store and having them do a gait analysis. After I had mine done, I noticed a serious difference in how my feet (and ankles!) felt.

Health fitness exercise workout running

Now the, “fun” part. The workout.

Anyone else ever notice that onnce you’re in a routine, it’s easier to do something? Like cleaning or cooking or studying? But then once you get out of that routine, it’s hard to even start again. Like studying after college, takes a while to get back into it. Working out is the exact same way.

So how do you get back into it? Well, have you ever noticed that when you get excited about something you’re more likely to do it? Like buying new office/school supplies for the school year makes you more excited about studying. Apply that to working out. Find a class you’re exciting about/really interested in trying or a new outfit for the gym or a new gym bag. I am drooling over this bag and all the gear that goes with it (you can buy all three here or buy them individually at the links below):


Health fitness exercise workout runningStaying on the routine is so so hard. I’m personally an afternoon/evening work out person (I hate mornings!) which is hard when you’ve had an exhausting day of work. Start out with a small goal, 30 minutes a day 3x a week is where I start. It seems easy right? That’s why I start there. I’m not daunted by it. Then I add time an intensity to each workout, or I’ll throw in a new workout.

I’ve been through so many cycles of really into working out and then slacking off and routine and not getting out of it has been so key! Some days, I just have to repeat Nike’s “Just do it” to myself over and over. Even if it’s a crappy workout and I don’t want to be there, it’s better than no workout.

What are your favorite work outs?



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