Long Hair, Don’t Care

Hair care long hair beauty


I know, I know. That phrase is overdone. I’ve gotten a lot of comments on my hair lately from friends and family I haven’t seen in a while, which is the inspiration for this post.

I’ve been asked so much lately about how I grew my hair out and how it went from

hair care long hair beauty

to this

hair care long hair beauty

in a relatively short period of time (short for me, my hair is the slowest growing thing on the planet!).

My secrets are honestly really really easy to follow.

First, be LAZY (when you can). That’s my biggest trick. Most days I embrace my naturally curly hair and put away the heat products. Before hair dryers women let their hair air dry. That’s what I do most days. I spend about 5-10 minutes total on my hair these days.

Here’s what I use to keep my curls looking nice and tame enough to wear to work:



Seriously y’all, this Deva Curl stuff is a Godsend for those of us with naturally curly hair! It used to be my mom’s, but…sorry mom! If your hair is being a little harder to tame, this Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe is great, just don’t use much!

Second, stop washing every day. It’s really bad for your hair and scalp. I wait until my hair starts feeling oily. When you wash it, use quality shampoo and conditioner. Play around, find what works for you. I personally like Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Oil it makes my hair feel incredibly clean and I can go longer in between shampoos – also I love love love how it feels when washing my hair.


Three, take biotin every day. This one I am REALLY REALLY bad at but when I do take it consistently I notice a huge difference in my hair.

Four, this one you probably ALL know but, regular trims are necessary. I am cheap so I bought a nice pair of shears and I do it myself. Every 6-8 weeks for slow hair growers, like me, is perfectly fine. Then once or twice a year I get a real hair cut, crazy, I know. I go very low maintenance with my hair. I also only dye it once a year. I have very dark hair so there’s little that can be done without stripping color – my savings account thanks me for this.

Five, when you do use heat tools, just like shampoo and conditioner, high quality is a must. So are smoothing products. This one is my favorite and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on how my hair smells afterwards.

That’s it. I don’t do a lot with my hair, I keep it very simple most days and only style it for things like going out or for important meetings at work or when I feel like it. I’ve been doing this for about a year and my hair is so much healthier for it and has grown much nicer.

What’re your tips for healthier, longer hair?


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