An Ode to Tacos

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How to make healthy tacos

I mean really, is there a more perfect food?

So anyone that knows me knows, that I have one true love: Tex Mex. To save money, I’ve been eating in a LOT lately. Prior to the move I had been eating out every day for lunch and I just simply did not cook.

Also being back home is a little boring, my parents live pretty much out in the sticks so there’s not a whole lot else to do unless I’m up for a fairly long drive. It’s weird to go from eating out almost every. single. meal. to cooking every single meal.

Recently I’ve become obsessed with tacos. They’re so easy, so versatile and there’s about a million different ways to make them. There’s steak tacos, shrimp tacos, chicken tacos, breakfast tacos with sausage, breakfast tacos with potatoes, vegetarian tacos, pork tacos, brisket tacos; I’m starting to sound like the guy from Forrest Gump

I looked into getting a Blue Apron or Fresh Direct or any other recipe/meal-in-a-box subscriptions to encourage myself to cook more until I saw the price per meal. $10 per meal and I still have to do the work of cooking? No thanks.

So here’s where my obsession with tacos comes in. They’re very inexpensive to make and you really don’t need a recipe.

I’ve (relatively) quickly gotten making them down to something of a fine science. There’s a relatively simple formula for good tacos and the meat is the hardest part, the rest-incredibly easy!

So here’s what I do:

If it’s breakfast(ish) time, I make breakfast tacos (not every single day, of course-though it might feel that way to the boyfriend). Breakfast tacos are the easiest and most simple. It’s also a great way to spice up your normal bacon and eggs.

How to make healthy tacos cooking food

You can make these as simple or as complicated as you desire. My go to base for breakfast tacos is eggs and sausage, but I’ve had pretty good ones with bacon and with potatoes as well! Depending on how much time I have and what’s in the fridge I like to add veggies, cheese and salsa.

It starts out a little something like this: cook up the sausage (you cook this first because it takes much longer than the eggs and burnt eggs-no good!) and season to your liking. I like to add mexican, fajita, cajun or anything savory. You certainly don’t need to season most sausage but I like as much flavor as possible.

While the sausage is cooking I scramble the eggs, grate the cheese and cut up the veggies.

Next I like to add in the veggies. Usually, that means some onion and bell peppers or a diced jalapeño. I sautée these in butter. My cooking philosophy closely aligns with Paula Dean, butter, butter, butter and add more butter!

Once everything is mostly cooked I add in the eggs. If I have milk, I always add in a little bit of that-it makes the eggs fluffier! I scramble the eggs with the sausage and veggies. You can add salt and pepper to the eggs at this point, but it’s not entirely necessary. Once done, I put it into a couple of tortillas, and add cheese and put a little salsa on top. If I’m feeling really fancy, I’ll add tomato, avocado and cilantro as well at this time.

Pour up some orange juice now and you’re done!

How to make healthy tacos cooking food

Tacos cooking food

I use these veggies for almost all the tacos that I make! Red onions and sweet peppers sautéed in butter pair well with most meats.

For dinner tacos, my usual go-to is chicken. It’s so easy to cook and there’s about a million and one different ways to season it. I like to coat the breasts in olive oil, add garlic and a few spices- my favorites are: chile powder, salt, pepper, and cumin, then I cook it in butter on the stovetop.

I use the same veggies here as I do for breakfast. Really, a lot of it is the same just sub out the eggs and sausage for chicken or steak or shrimp, etc.

Once everything is done cooking, I pile it in the tortilla and add tomatoes, avocados, some type of lettuce, cheese and sauce. For the sauce, I really like a combination of Bolthouse’s Creamy Avocado Ranch and hot sauce.

Tacos cooking food

What’re your favorite ways to make tacos? Also, who else is hungry now? I know I sure am!


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