It’s Already Been a Quarter of a Century?


Bushwhacker at Flora Bama – one of the better ones I’ve had in the PCola area!

I haven’t even been gone a week and I’m already ready to go back! For my 25th birthday, I decided to fly down to see the boyfriend in Pensacola, he promised he’d take me to Flora-bama if I came down. We spent the entire long weekend exploring and checking out the beaches.

For anyone who lives within driving distance and hasn’t been to the Florida panhandle for vacation, do it. It’s spectacular. I’ve spent several months researching the area and every. last. thing. to do there, finally this past weekend I got a chance to cross  almost all those things I’ve been dying to check out off the list.

For anyone who is a local to Pensacola knows, Gallery Night is the best. So Friday night we made a few margs at home, lounged on the balcony for a bit then headed out!


It’s somewhat similar to most other outdoor art street shows, but with better food and better drinks. I cannot wait to go to the next one



After we walked through all of Gallery Night we went to a couple of the local bars, where I completely forgot to take pictures but I think I found my new go-to bar; they have a mechanical bull, play country music and serve drinks out of huge mason jar glasses.

Since I found out he was getting stationed in Pensacola, I had been asking begging pestering him to take me to Flora Bama. It’s on the beach, has several bars, several stories, indoors/outdoors, food and live music, you can drink in two states at once, also Kenny Chesney wrote a song dedicated to it and they have an annual mullet toss. He was skeptical, but since it was my birthday weekend we went.



Yes, those are bras

We both immediately regretted not bringing our beach stuff and having a hotel nearby. We will most certainly be back, even though it’s about a half hour drive. The atmosphere is incredible and I can’t wait to see it at night, but this time we need to have a hotel nearby.

Another place I had been dying to try is The Fish House downtown. I’ve been following their Instagram page and their social media marketing is incredibly effective, with a beautiful view of the bay and good food, it was an obvious choice for a semi-fancy dinner.


We were a little too late to take in the sunset, but the atmosphere and food did not disappoint! We will be back for brunch ASAP. We had planned to go out afterwards, but all the sunshine, beer and food made sleep a much better option.

The next couple of days, we decided to hit the beach for some relaxation to detox from the weekend.


I could literally spend all day out there just relaxing, beer in hand, swimming in the water and running around the beach. I love the white sand and clear, emerald colored water here.

To top off a great couple of beach days, we finally got to try another place I’ve been dying to go: Red Fish Blue Fish. If you’re in Pensacola Beach, you absolutely have to go. The food is amazing and the views are incredible.


I wasn’t able to get a picture of our food, we scarfed those tacos down way too fast for that! They were absolutely delicious though!


Until next time Pensacola Beach! I cannot wait for this upcoming weekend. I’m a little nervous about the drive from New Jersey down there, but it will be so worth it!

Recap: If you’re headed to the Florida panhandle, go to Pensacola beach and head to Red Fish, Blue Fish, take a day to go to Flora Bama and head into to town for an awesome dinner at The Fish House.

What’re your favorite beach bars/restaurants?



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