Beach Necessities


One of my favorite beaches in Florida, and where I’d much rather be celebrating and enjoying Memorial Day weekend. I’ve been up all morning loading my stuff life into boxes and getting ready to ship it off. I’ve spent some quite a bit of time this morning shopping for stuff that we need for all the impromptu beach days we’ll be having this summer.

I put together a list of the top things I’m buying for this summer. All the things that will keep me from thinking, “man I wish I had thought to buy/bring XYZ”

Cooler, Beach Towel, Sunscreen, Float, Koozie, Noblo


Everything you need for summer shipped to your front door! From left to right: Cooler, Beach Towel, Sunscreen, Float, Koozie, Noblo

I absolutely am in love with this watermelon cooler from! Not only is it super cute (read: extremely instagram-able) it’s also very functional. It’s insulated and water-proof so you can fill it with ice to keep your cokes beer and food cold! Every time we’ve gone to the beach lately, we’ve just relied on the shade and trying to drink them quick enough to avoid warm beer.


Bracelet: Chan Luu

Koozies are another absolute must have for the beach, I picked up this one while buying a couple of souvenirs last time. My boyfriend swore he didn’t need one, “nah, I’m good”. What happened after the first beer? This koozie became his. I’m obsessed with the Lilly Pulitzer one I just ordered and can’t wait to use it!

In Panhandle we don’t have high winds as much like other places. South Padre Island, gets really high winds and every trip there we spent considerable time anchoring down our umbrella so it doesn’t fly away and hit someone. With Noblo, you don’t have to do that anymore, you fill it with sand, tie it to the umbrella and you’re set!


One thing I have to, HAVE TO, get better about this year is sunscreen. I’m closer to 30 than I am 20 (scary thought!) and taking care of my skin is going to become a priority. Recently a report was released that a lot of sunscreens may actually be more harmful than good which made my search for a sunscreen that will be good to my skin even more challenging.  I have dry skin, which is made even more dry by sun and water so I needed something extremely moisturizing that also smells nice. Enter: Sun Bum, SPF 50. I’ll be purchasing one of those Amazon Dash Buttons for this product.

Having a float for the water isn’t exactly a necessity, but it’s relaxing to float a little bit and it’ll come in handy for any river floating trips the summer brings!

What are your absolute must-haves for the beach?


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