Take me to Texas


Until this weekend two weekends ago I hadn’t been home in over FIVE months, it’s the longest I’ve gone without seeing my friends or family and let me tell ya – it has been really challenging! Flights have been so cheap lately so I finally took advantage of the travel voucher I scored back in December (read about how to fly free here).

I was born an raised in Texas. I never really, truly, appreciated it until I left. Something about you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone? My whole life I’ve been used to the ease, the friendliness, the culture, the cheap cost of stuff, and laid back, easy going way of life in Texas. So when I left home, I didn’t exactly know what to expect, but I didn’t expect a huge change in my way of life.

Spoiler alert: I was wrong.

I took a lot for granted and I spent this time soaking it all in and had an incredible time. Here’s a few of the things I got to do with my short time in Texas and I would highly recommend these places to anyone!

First stop was, obviously (obvious if you’re a Texan like me), Whataburger. I went a little crazy in the drive-thru lane, I was so excited. The lady who gave me my food was amused, but not surprised after I said I hadn’t had Whataburger in like 5 months. Though, she didn’t seem too surprised before I said that either, it’s just THAT good.

Next I went out shopping with Mom. If you’re in Dallas, Northpark is a must for shopping. They have all the best shops and it’s set up square so not getting lost or back tracking! Plus they have my all time favorite brunch spot in Dallas, Breadwinners.

I mean they serve Bloody Marys in a boot! And with bacon! The sunshine and warm temps was a nice change of pace too. Traffic was so bad getting back that we ended up just going locally for a quick dinner and then I quickly fell asleep. I was so so tired after getting up at 2:50 AM ET for my flight.

Day two I met up with some friends and finally finally got to check out Deep Ellum Brewery. I love this place. The outside seating is meant for group gatherings and having fun and the drink deals are cheap. You won’t need to spend more than $20 total to have your fill of beer (3 pints for $15!) and the best tots known to man. On top of that their beer is really good. My favorite was the sour ale!


Afterwards we all went downtown to get Tex-Mex at Meso Maya. Some of the best enchiladas I’ve ever had and a really nice outdoor patio. Absolutely will be back. A little on the pricey end so if you’re looking for cheap Tex-Mex but still a restaurant, head to Chuy’s; their enchilada sauce is fantastic!


I didn’t end up getting back until well after my bedtime, but I wouldn’t trade the time I got to spend out with friends for anything!

Next week (or later this weekend) I’ll be recapping my trip to Pensacola for my birthday and some of the amazing places I got to try out.

Recap: Go to Northpark to Shop, eat a Breadwinners for awesome cocktails with good food and the best sweets, Deep Ellum Brewery has good beer and awesome deals, and Meso Maya is a great pick for a little bit of a splurge on Tex-Mex.


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