Fly For Free? Sign Me Up!


The one (only) perk of flying into LaGuardia is this view of NYC as you land

Discounts and free things are my absolute favorite, I’m an avid deal hunter and I won’t book a flight until I’ve checked Google Flights at least 5 times, over at least 2-3 weeks.

A few months back I got a $300 voucher from American Airlines to use on any flight, anywhere. When they offered me that deal to delay my flight just a few hours, I absolutely JUMPED on it. This deal isn’t always offered, but when it is, take advantage!

So how does it work? And when can you get on it?

It’s a relatively well known fact that airlines tend to overbook their flights, knowing that a certain number of people are bound to miss their flight or reschedule to a different time. It’s their way of keeping the flight as full as possible and not losing any money, every empty seat is a loss of money.

As you can imagine this number isn’t always 100% accurate. This happens most frequently on later flights or on popular routes like Dallas to New York and during the holidays it happens on almost every flight. So what happens then? If you have 250 seats and 253 people on that flight, 3 people have to take a different flight.


Hiking at Land’s End in San Francisco. Flights are usually around $250 – $350 from DFW.

Airlines HAVE to accommodate you in this situation, if you’re taking a different flight. If your travel plans are somewhat flexible, do this! Usually it’s the difference between landing at 9 or 10 PM at night and getting there early in the morning the next day. The airline will put you up in a hotel for the night (if you have to wait overnight) and you’ll get a travel voucher, usually $300-$600.

A $300 voucher will get you from Dallas to San Francisco with money left over, or two flights from NYC to Miami in February.

Especially if you’re traveling with someone, this is a great idea! You’ll be in a (free) nice hotel for the night and a guaranteed seat on the next flight out to your destination and between $600-$1200 for your next vacation(s)!





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