Little Travel Hacks


I’ve been a little absent lately, sorry y’all! Busy travel week and getting stuff ready for the big move (more on this later)!

Who else is counting down the days until their summer vacation? I’ve had my countdown set for about a month now and I’m ready to go! With most summer trips comes the dreaded airport.

Most articles on vacation and airline traveling or even tips for your summer vacation will tell you things like, arrive earlier, anticipate delays, remember the liquids rule. You probably know these things. Your airline probably sent it in an email with the confirmation for you ticket to vacation.

I spent over two years flying at least once a month, so I want to share some of the things I do that make the airport part a breeze.

Wear flips flops to the airport

If you have TSA pre-check, this doesn’t apply to you! (what’s pre-check? I wrote an article about it here and why it’s the greatest thing ever, especially with how TSA lines have been lately!) I can tell you, firsthand, it’s much better than struggling with shoes that you have to untie or unzip when you’re going through that security line!

Keep your liquids easily accessible!

You know to put them in 3 oz containers and to keep it in one bag, but some people forget they have to come out of your luggage when you go through security. I see a lot of people who have them buried and then have to dig around their neatly packed bag to get them out. Leave your liquids bag on top so you can easily grab it.

If you don’t already have little bottles to put your stuff in, click here I love these, they’re different colors so you don’t get your toiletries mixed up, I’ve definitely done this and washed my hair with body wash once!

Same thing applies to Laptops

This is something I see almost everyone forgetting about! You’re going to have to get your laptop out so don’t bury it yet. Leave it on top too. You don’t want to be that person everyone is rolling their eyes at for taking too long to get your stuff. They will. Travelers aren’t the most patient people, neither are the TSA agents.

Bring/buy a neck pillow

Yes, they look goofy, but when you’re on a 4+ hour flight, stuck in the middle seat (or anywhere really!) you’ll be glad you have it. And every snack store/souvenir store past security has them for sale if you don’t own one. Also nice to have if there’s bad weather and you get stuck at the airport, this happened to me and I didn’t have mine-it was a rough night.

Here’s a link to my favorite one – it’s memory foam and really inexpensive!

Keep your charger easily accessible too! 

Even if you don’t have a layover (lucky you!), most bigger planes have them just underneath and to the side of your seat, so have a wall plug and cable handy to charge up your phone or anything else during that long any flight.


Tips you may already know

Before you leave check to make sure you have your ID or passport. Don’t be like me and have to zoom to your apartment half an hour before boarding because you left it at home.

You don’t need to print your boarding pass at home (unless you’re on Spirit, then DEFINITELY print at home, save yourself the $10). All airlines have kiosks where you can print them out by entering your information in. Don’t rely on phone boarding passes though, not all airports accept them!

Arrive earlier if you’re checking a bag. Some airports have really strict rules about this! During non-holiday travel, checking your bag an hour prior to the flight is sufficient.

ALWAYS leave essentials in a carry-on. This means a change of clothes, make up, toiletries and any medications. The airline losing your bag is rare, but it has happened to me (it was Christmas Eve and I had no clean underwear which was terrible). They have to get the bag to you in 24 hours, but you may not always be able to wait that long (i.e. Holidays or going on a cruise).



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