Make Airport Security (relatively) Painless Again


I don’t know anyone who doesn’t dread the airport part of their vacation, particularly having to through TSA screening where you feel like cattle being poked and prodded along as you have to remove your shoes, your jacket, and belt, and take out your liquids and laptops and other electronics.

The security part would be a lot better if you didn’t have to do all that. With pre-check you don’t. You also don’t have to wait in that obnoxiously long line either.

So what is TSA pre-check? And how I do get in on this?

What’s TSA pre-check?

Aside from the greatest thing ever to happen to airport security and the best $85 investment I’ve ever made, it’s a program enacted by TSA to help expedite security lines. Travelers who are considered “low-risk” (aka they do a background check on you) are eligible.

So, what’s in it for me? 

My favorite benefit is the expedited security line. It’s like having a fast pass at Disney World. In the winter time, it is especially nice when you’re all bundled up in boots and your jacket/scarf/etc and you don’t have to take all of that off. You get to keep your shoes on, belt on, jacket on and you don’t have to remove your laptop or liquids.

Where/how do I sign up? 

First you need to enroll online (click here to enroll), you enter in some of your info and then you can either make an appointment to bring in your ID verification (kind of like at the DMV but without the ridiculous wait) or get to the airport extra early during your next flight and complete the enrollment there (if you have a long layover at an airport with an enrollment center, I suggest doing it then to kill some time).

The online enrollment is fairly easy and then all you have to do is show up with your documents and $85. It usually takes about 2-3 weeks to process then you received your known traveler number in the mail.


Okay, now what’s the catch?

There really isn’t one. Not all airports or airlines participate, so if you’re traveling with Spirit you’re out of luck, but all other major airlines are part of the program!

So who’s now even more excited for their summer travels?


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