The Most Dreaded Workout Day, Leg Day


Anyone else notice that the most miserable workouts/exercises are often the best for you?

For years I’ve been working on a leg day routine that would keep me motivated and engaged in my workout. I like to do the basics, but making it challenging and vary it up to keep from getting bored. I finally found a leg day workout routine that does all of this.

Of course, I’m not a fitness instructor, just simply sharing a routine that keeps me engaged in my workout and motivated to finish.

First: Lunges, squats, jump rope and more lunges.

I start with walking lunges, across the gym studio and then back, these can be weighted or non-weighted.


Next up is one set of squats, I usually do these with 10 lbs more than I do my lunge workout with and I try to do between 20-30 reps.

I, then, repeat these exercises, but with a jump like so:

jump squar

Do these for 20 reps each (both squat and lunges).

After all that I finish the set off with a minute or two of jump rope. I found adding that in kept me from getting bored with just alternating different non-cardio exercises.

Then you do it all over again, and again. I try to get in three sets before moving on to deadlifts and kettle bell swings.

I love adding in a little cardio in between each set, it breaks up a bit of the monotony and gets my heart rate up again.

I used to just run, then hop on some machines and call it a day. I enjoyed spending more of my time outdoors for my exercise and found being indoors boring because I could never find a good workout that kept me engaged. I really enjoy this workout because it incorporates both cardio and weightlifting and is fast-paced.

Anyone else have any leg day solutions? Or creative workout routines they love?




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