Setting Your Own Goals

It’s Equal Pay Day and I want to spend a little time talking about women and women’s empowerment.

I see a lot of articles on various female friendly/empowerment publications that seem espouse the value of women in tech, women in STEM, women need to dive head first in their careers and forget about the rest, let’s be #GirlBosses. Of course, this is great. More than great, it’s awesome. What these articles seem to neglect is that we should be telling women of all ages that it is OKAY to be whatever you want.

I’ve yet to see an article from one of these sites saying you can be a feminist and a housewife, or that you can be a feminist and even not put your career as your number one.

I wholeheartedly disagree. In the 50’s many women felt pressured by society to be stay at home moms and housewives when they had dreams of being doctors and lawyers and running companies. Today that pressure has swung the other way. To be a good woman you can’t stay at home and take care of the kids, you can’t take a lower level or lower paying job to be with your significant other, and you certainly can’t put your significant other’s career before your own. That’s not empowered.

Why can’t empowerment be letting a woman choose her own goals and her own way of achieving them?

Empowerment should be telling a young girl to explore all of her interests, and fearlessly pursue whatever feels right. And while we’re at it, let’s stop telling her to date a nerd or “be the nerd”. Let’s tell her to be herself.

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