Six Ways to Make Moving Somewhere New Easier

When I moved to New Jersey a year ago I knew one person, I lived pretty far from any groups or clubs or even people around my age and I was finding it (nearly) impossible to make friends. To say the least, I was pretty darn unhappy. This isn’t to say I regret moving, but I would definitely do things a lot differently.

Here’s how to make your move, whether it’s across the country or just a new city, a whole lot smoother:

1. Think about your social life

I cannot stress enough how much I wish I had thought about the fact that I was moving to a place where I only knew ONE person and would need to make friends. If possible, move to a city/neighborhood/area where there are other people your age or at least close enough that it’s not terribly difficult to meet up with people.


When doing your research on where to live, don’t just focus on most affordable or safest or easiest for your commute. Think about what type of life you want to have outside of your ‘9-5’. Sites like: and are awesome resources for researching!


After a bit of research I found the perfect location for me: lots of shops, restaurants, people my age and a great place to go run!

3. Sign up to join clubs, a gym, a yoga studio, etc:

If you went to a big university for undergrad chances are they have a club where you live which is a quick and easy way to meet people in a new place. Clubs around hobbies such as running, yoga, kayaking etc are also a great way to meet people while exploring your new town. If you’re still not sure where to start, I love MeetUp. It’s an app that allows people with common interests from painting while drinking wine to professional networking to meet up.


From my run club meet up


Even if it’s by yourself. You’re in a new place and regardless of your reason for moving, there’s probably something cool within a couple of hours or so that you’d enjoy.


Solo beach day trip to the Jersey Shore

For those in a relationship and moving these are especially important:

5. If you haven’t lived with the person before, don’t do it now:

Moving and trying to get adjusted to a new area is stressful enough, moving in with someone you haven’t lived with before just adds more stress. If you’re moving to an area with a higher cost of living or you need to save money, consider getting an apartment with two bedrooms, or some other extra room.


It’s easy to just hang out with that one person you know, but just like back home or wherever you’re coming from, you need a life outside of your boyfriend/girlfriend/whomever. Even if it’s just people you meet up with for your running club/yoga class.

For anyone who has moved a lot, anything else that’s a MUST when relocating? Or any other tips for adjusting to a new place and making friends?


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